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To become a leading international company, getting our main strength from team work, aiming at leadership distributor in PVC-Industry Building in which we operate, and transforming our core values into financial profit.

Being the most distributor by PIMAPEN brands and increase our market share by taking advantage of our technology and strong know-how and by creating superior products and services, all the while remaining loyal to our company's core values.

* Safeguarding the quality of our products and services as well as the trustworthy image of PIMAPEN.

* Valuing honesty in our relationships with our employees, retailers, suppliers, competitors and partners.

* Creating a fair and transparent work environment which encourages open- mindedness, creativity, participation and personal development.

* Staying focused on customer satisfaction through the swiftness of our services and our flexible structure.

* Remaining respectful to humanity and to the environment.

* Taking wise risks, when necessary, to protect the long-term interests of our company.

* Maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction, in line with the core values and principles of our company.